BTC vs RWITC: Shark vs Minnow!!!!

Recently the entire racing industry has been agog due to the standoff between Bangalore Turf Club and RWITC over commission due to the latter by BTC. Bangalore has offered to pay Rs. 2.5 Crores which falls way short of the 23% of BTC’S turnover on RWITC racing’s off course betting that RWITC is demanding. The result has been the disconnection by RWITC of their signal to BTC of the ongoing Pune meeting. RWITC is adamant that BTC is ripping them off and are hell bent on taking what they feel is their fair due. On the flip-side is BTC’s argument that in what is supposed to be a reciprocal arrangement they get only 50 odd Lakhs from RWITC for the telecast of their signal. In other words BTC feels that the difference of 2 Crores or so, that is the eventual amount being paid is more than enough for RWITC’s signal. To further compound RWITC’s problems the new turf authority Mysore Race Club has decided to back BTC in this case. 

 Let’s examine this issue as in all honesty it sort of dovetails a lot of points that I’ve written about in this blog, the useless and emasculated Turf Authorities of India, the decline of RWITC as India’s premier racing centre and the stupid approach taken under the aegis of the club system. 

RWITC is making a huge error in my opinion as they have a very inflated opinion of their own worth as well as that of their product. The unfortunate and bitter truth is that in today’s scenario of Indian racing RWITC is a bit like the old fable; The Emperor’s New Clothes, all show and no go. The bitter fact is that their legal betting turnover annually is under 100 Crore, their Stake money paid out is half that of most other clubs in India. They are running into losses on a year on year basis, they lose money on their core area of operation ie racing. Their cash reserves are being depleted at an exponential rate, simply put they have taken a very wrong approach in this case. Maybe they should be expending their energy in making a proper case to the Maharashtra Government to reduce their taxes on betting so that they can curb the thriving illegal bookie trade in the state which ironically not only costs the club but the state exchequer too. On India’s most popular racing website;’s horse talk forum a user writing under the name Naveed made this calculation. While the eventual real loss to RWITC may not be such a high figure, every rupee that the club loses is added on to the already spiralling losses that are being made annually.  

Bangalore Turf Club on the other hand have no serious financial issues such as losses to face up to. They are turning over 1800 Crores annually on their totalisator ops. This figure is way more than the rest of Indian racing combined. Their argument is that BTC has worked very hard to bring their tote turnover to what it is today. They feel that what they are paying for RWITC’s signal is enough and that RWITC instead of getting their own house in order are instead trying to piggyback BTC’s efficiency. They do have a point when they say that RWITC sold their signal for 1 Crore for telecast in English betting shops so why is it a problem when BTC is willing to pay more than double that for the same privilege.
RWITC’s claim is that the mutual understanding among the Turf Authorities of India is that 23% of betting turnover must be paid out to the club giving their signal. From my investigations it appears this is a verbal understanding among all the Turf Authorities and there isn’t any written contract.  Further this agreement was made years ago before computerization amped up totalisator betting.  Lets see what the ramifications of this situation are going to be. Currently RWITC and BTC/Mysore by mutual consent do not clash when they race. During the Bangalore Summer Meeting, Bangalore races on Saturdays and Sundays until August, when Pune takes over the weekend and BTC races on Thursday and Friday into the second week of August. This pattern continues right through the Mysore main season which runs contiguous along with Pune. In the winter when racing shifts to Bombay and Bangalore runs its winter meeting, RWITC races on Thursdays and Sundays while BTC takes Fridays and Saturdays. Hyderabad Race Club races on Sundays and Mondays as they refused to give up their holiday fixture every week. If this stand off continues both BTC and RWITC will race on weekends and the Mysore winter fixtures will clash with RWITC on Thursdays. In other words they won’t miss RWITC’s product. 

Another factor which was non existent in the Indian racing scene is the future emergence of Madras Race Club. It’s been dormant or rather, dead for the past three decades, now they’re starting to step back towards normalcy as the Oligarch who controlled, rigged and wrecked it is no more. Madras Race Club (MRC) conducted a competitive Ooty season this year over spring and summer and from all reports BTC and Mysore turned a neat profit from their off course betting. The coming Madras Winter season is going to be even bigger and soon we might have a scenario like the old days. Where there were three basic clubs; RWITC, Royal Calcutta Turf Club (RCTC) and South India Turf Club which over the years broke up into BTC, Hyderabad Race Club (HRC), MRC and Mysore Race Club. The South Indian Clubs have always kind of got along with each other, RWITC has always been connected but somewhat aloof while RCTC which was the main racing club of Asia in its heyday has trod its own path albeit keeping it good with their other Indian counterparts. There are going to be two race days per week over the winter in Chennai and MRC are going to be looking to fit back into an already crowded racing calendar in India. The absence of RWITC from BTC/Mysore is going to enable them to fill in to a vacant spot further isolating RWITC. 
All the aforementioned clubs come under the aegis of the Turf Authorities Of India, the organization under whom all of Indian racing theoretically exists. The TAI is supposed to be the body which makes sure that there is harmony among all clubs and that everyone is mutually beneficial to each other with the aim of benefitting the sport as a whole. Unfortunately the reality is that the TAI is a, “Dabba” organization with no real executive or legislative power that meets a few times every year and pretty much does or achieves nothing. They have failed to take the sport forward and every club pulls in its own direction to the detriment of the sport of racing as a whole. Indian racing has regressed over the course of the last century and no new racetrack has opened up in the last 50 years or so. Our facilities are lacking whether its for punters, horses or the general good of racing. The club system ensures a status quo of stagnation and the bottom line is rarely looked at since a profit motive is lacking, as such poor decisions are made time and again. The TAI failed to prevent the downslide and destruction at Madras Race Club, proof that nobody really gives a damn about sport in any sense. Similarly they are yet to present a cogent case as regards GST to the Indian Government the next big problem looming for the sport of racing.
RWITC is banking on the fact that their product is superior to all other clubs, even if this is indeed the case from a punter’s standpoint it makes no difference whatsoever. While punters will miss punting on RWITC in the short term over a period of time they will get accustomed to whatever racing product is put in front of them. I can see a scenario where we can have 7 day a week racing without RWITC even being there. Betting is a simple business, the punters will bet on whatever product is presented to them as long as it is competitive enough, quality is important to geeks like me but to every punter, a “B” class race and a Classic race are all the same. The BTC handicapper has used this reasoning to create the system he has in Bangalore; good for business but destructive for sport. Any business in the world is simple, at the end of the day money talks and bullshit walks. RWITC is living in a fool’s paradise, BTC/Mysore will suffer in the short term but in the long term things will level off. If RWITC was a business, their CEO would have tread cautiously in this case knowing fully well where they stand financially. RWITC is willing to sink chunks of money into the Gallops case but unfortunately they’re hell bent on jacking themselves in this particular case. Simply put the minnow aka RWITC is taking on the Shark that is BTC. Perceptions never necessarily have to be the truth and RWITC’s perceived might is actually a, “Phus Pataka” as they lack the financial clout to be the leader in the sport of racing. Every other club in India has cut it’s cloth according to the situation that they’re in, RWITC on the other hand have lived in La La land and now the pigeons are coming home to roost. In any business and more so a betting business financial clout is what counts in the end, something that RWITC lacks. RWITC risks becoming a peripheral player in Indian racing if they start cutting their signal to the best betting set up in racing and inversely losing 122 race days of profit making off course racing from BTC/Mysore.  RWITC is facing a, “Kodak moment” at one time everybody was using their film for photography and suddenly digital cameras arrived.  In this metaphor, the digital camera is Tote betting!

To sum things up it’s time that the TAI took the lead and made the concerned parties sit down and hammer out a compromise. May be a wise head like HRC chairman R Surender Reddy could arbiter the peace between the warring parties. In this case RWITC will lose a lot and BTC/Mysore will lose a bit but sadly the sport of racing will be the biggest loser.

….For whom the bell tolls!!!

Bangalore Derby weekend is over and we’ve had a great weekend of high class and high octane racing. The BTC facility is cramped and uncomfortable but man does the city of Bangalore embrace the Derby! The financials of the club are good the aesthetics and setup awful. However banged up everything else in BTC might be; poorly maintained track and surface, poor officialdom, poor starting staff, pathetic stabling but…. the crowd bangs in their cash on the tote and as the old saying goes money makes the mare go round! BTC turned over in excess of Rs. 17 Crore on Derby Day, the club gets a neat 68 Lakhs for their 4%: QED! Lets look at the inverse of this situation and that situation is RWITC. Everything around the sport is good but the financials? To say they are abysmal is an understatement.

First there is the politics; it boggles the mind as to why anybody respectable would like to put their name against such a financial disaster but come election time and we have a lot of very influential men ready to fight like kindergarten kids to be on the committee. Once there, nobody seems to really give a flying f&@k as to the good of the sport but these successful and honourable men will behave like crabs in a basket, ready to pull each other down as soon as any one of them try to pull their attitudes out of the mire.
It’s a truly sad state of affairs but when their world class starter Jehangir Sayed gives the, “they’re off” call at those lovely Steriline starting gates, the club loses money by the simple act of conducting their core business ie running a race. It’s really sad when the club makes money from weddings, catering, equine hospital, The Stud Book, the sales and every other non racing activity but loses money by the simple act of running a live race. They pack in massive crowds for The Indian Derby but in the whole scheme of things lose money by conducting racing on India’s best attended race day. The government’s commission has been cascading downwards over the years yet the club cannot or has not been able to present a proper case for a reduction of tax. Added to this is the fact that on top of the 20% the club has some pretty unviable take out rates on their pools;

WIN 10% 20% 30%

PLACE 10% 20% 30%

SHP 10% 20% 30%

FORECAST 35% 20% 55%

QUINELLA 35% 20% 55%

TANALA 35% 20% 55%

TREBLE 35% 20% 55%

JACKPOT 24% 20% 44%

SUPER JKPT 35% 20% 55% 

So if you try the Forecast or Quinella bets only 45 paise of your Rupee goes into the pool. I’d say that as a result the public is deserting the tote for the simple reason that they are being ripped off! There are solutions at hand but nobody is willing to put their necks on the line and put these into action as these solutions are not going to be popular.  

Lets start with the number of fixtures; RWITC boasts the maximum total stake money paid out over a year but this is spread out over something like 60 or 70 fixtures over a calendar year. As a result the stake money paid out is truly pathetic. The April meetings at Mumbai solve no purpose except giving the low end stock chances to win and to pull of some punts.  With Madras Race Club coming around now to competitive racing it’s about time they took their Ooty signal instead, for off course betting, through the month of April. This would mean fewer fixtures and a saving to the club. Apparently Bangalore and Mysore did rather well this year with Ooty racing. Racing is a sport and in a proper competitive sport excellence ought to be the goal. When you card too much average and bad racing it dilutes the overall product. By cutting fixtures RWITC would ensure tighter and more competitive racing. In a day and age where the perceived to be inferior Hyderabad pays out well in excess of 4 Lakhs for a maidens race the far tougher and higher quality racing centre; RWITC pays less than half of that for theirs. 
Thursday racing at Bombay is very poorly attended maybe racing every other Thursday would be something to think about. Bangalore doesn’t race twice a week in their winter season because they find it effects their field quality. Instead they race twice every other week. RWITC must realise they cannot be racing just for the sake of racing when it costs them money.
Of course the one thing and the most important at that, which they do need to do is to sort out their totalizator. I’ve written about it before but the 20% tax is only benefitting the illegal bookmaker since everyone bets with them at half or no tax rather than bet legally through the club. The government has been very unfair on RWITC but they’re huge sufferers in the bargain too. Karnataka and Telangana/Andhra have sensible tax regimes on their betting as a result the government gets a great return too from their race clubs. Well over 100 Crore vs 18 Crore in Maharashtra annually. This is THE core issue and problem and it must be sorted out. It’s incumbent on the committee to address this and put all politics aside or else the bell is tolling for the club it’s just a matter of time.
One hopes against hope but as things stand RWITC is staring down an abyss and nobody really seems concerned about it. The eulogy was written way back in the 80s when BTC under PG Belliappa and HRC under R Surender Reddy decided to have a proper dialogue with their state’s governments and get their taxes reduced so that they could control the money bet and push their totes. RWITC in the meantime kept on sleeping and that has led to the situation where the club is on life support today. One hopes it doesn’t happen but their cash reserves are dwindling fast and the 20 Crore plus operating loss the club is making has simply made the sport unsustainable in Maharashtra. Owners are under immense pressure, since it’s nigh impossible to pay for a racing operation and run for stake money. I’m reading leading American horseman Barry Irwin of Team Valor’s book Derby Innovator, one of the best quotes of his in the book reads, ” All around the world where prize money is meager, the incidence of corruption is higher, as horsemen and jockeys manipulate their horses to set up betting coups because cashing bets keeps them above water financially.” Rings really true doesn’t it?

Summer musings! From Darkness into the Light!

Been a while since I’ve written anything so thought I’d pen a few thoughts just in case you forgot me. It’s been a busy summer so far as us much maligned breeders have wrapped up our breeding season or are in the process of doing so. May 15th is the last day of the breeding season at Dashmesh but usually scan-master extraordinaire Navtej manages to convince me to make a week’s extension. Anyway one always runs away from our 45 Celsius plus soon after and it’s Bangalore that sort of doubles up as summer quarters with it’s temperate climes. This year from all reports was the hottest ever summer in My Southern home with the Mercury topping out above 40 Celsius. There were days in April when Sarainaga was cooler.

As Bombay dragged out their April fixtures, we waited with intrepid interest to see the Ooty season as it was the first since the late 80’s where there was going to be proper competition with even a few outstation runners coming for their classics. Young local trainer R Karthick took the 1000 Guineas with the fittingly named filly, “Light” as the darkness disappeared from Madras Race Club. Neil Darashah took the 2000 Guineas and Derby at the hill station with Battalion and wrote his name into the history books, I’m sure he must have thrown a few looks at the females hanging around Ooty Lake and broken a few hearts there. Fahad Khan became the champion trainer as he put the winningest trainer in the history of the world in the shade and put an exclamation mark on the end of one of the darkest eras in Indian racing history. While we saw competitive racing, I’d have to say the quality of horses running in the bread and butter races at the centre were extremely poor. The committee, must be congratulated on the conduct of racing with help from HRC as well as their efforts in reviving the sport in Tamil Nadu. They must make a long term plan to improve the quality of horses as well as making an effort to improve the level of professionals working there. It would have been interesting to see their champion jockey C Brisson in action at Bangalore Summer, he sits decently and rides out quite well from what I saw of the racing there online.
In the meantime Mid May means the start of India’s best racing season; the Bangalore Summer Meeting. My favourite whipping boy the handicapper has tinkered around a bit in his quest for mediocrity and re did the classes somewhat and compressed the scale further to help weed out the bottom end stock which he has worked so hard over the years to nurture. In his wisdom he knocked out the 80 and above races which leaves a large number of very good Class one horses in no man’s land in so much that they aren’t quite up to the level of running in terms races but are very good when running at a rating of 90 or so. The Class one horses ought to have been what the prospectus should cater to but….
I got a pleasant surprise when I walked into BTC as the shanties to the left when you walk in to gate one have been done up and look good now. Similarly the weighing room has been renovated and I’d be amiss if I didn’t say job well done. The entire weighing room block has been given a facelift, a new patch of grass has been planted in an expanded paddock with the introduction of a winner’s circle. I’m not much into BTC politics but I must say that the new committee has done well and now when someone walks into our racecourse they don’t get a slummy feel, which the place had earlier. The next port of call should be to raise the height of the stable roofs a few feet to improve airflow and to remove the asbestos sheets and replace them with a safer, better looking and more modern material. The quality of racing has been quite decent barring the lack of quality riding talent available save a handful of jockeys.
Our somnambulist Turf Authorities of India need to seriously think of setting up a proper modern jockey school along the lines of what there is in South Africa, not the patch up job we have in a few centres nowadays. I’ll be back soon with a bit more vitriol which my readers like but for now Ola!

Chennai! It’s good to be back!

The Invitation Cup weekend is our annual year end bash where the best of the best face each other.  It’s a lot like the Breeders Cup weekend in America or like Dubai World Cup night at Meydan.  This year is all the more significant as it’s being hosted by the Madras Race Club, Guindy in Chennai.  You can all sing paeans and lie about it to yourselves but you and I know who did this and destroyed one of our best racing centres.  It’s a great example of the failings of the Club structure that runs the sport in India.  Anyway those dark days are done and we must look forward to Madras Race Club once again taking it’s rightful place in the Indian racing scenario.

In Mr R. Ramakrishnan or as he’s better known to the racing world RK they have just the right man to revive our sport in Tamil Nadu.  A seasoned racing administrator and an ex chairman of MRC during its glory days, he knows his marbles and one wishes him the very best in this yeoman endeavour.  The Secretary of MRC Dr. SM Karthikeyan is one of the country’s best veterinary minds and every time you sit with him you’ll learn something.  Well, he has just the right personality for the job, once he sets his mind on something he’ll go after it with a martial zeal.  Just the sort of person MRC needs at a time of rebuilding.

Honestly speaking one doesn’t quite know too many of the brave guys who hung around to train in Chennai.  Most of them left town and setup elsewhere because of the sad situation created at their home centre.  Padmanabhan, Dhariwal, MB Mangalorkar, Vijay Singh, Irfan Ghatala, Dominic, MP Mahesh are all guys who were originally based in Chennai.  Craig Marshall shifted to Macau, David Hill to Hong Kong and most owners left Madras as well.  In a twisted way the demise of Madras helped Bangalore Turf Club and Hyderabad Race Club emerge as powerful racing centres in their own right, they used to be feeder centres to Madras, running a summer season at BTC and a Monsoon season at HRC, if I’m not mistaken earlier they all came under the aegis of South India Turf Club with the mecca being Madras.  

Ooty which hosts the Spring/Summer season before Bangalore Summer season is set to see a good proper competitive racing season this year.  All this is going to benefit the other clubs immensely for example RWITC can close their season earlier and take on off course racing from Ooty and in the bargain reduce their losses somewhat, as terminal as the situation might be.  Everything is going to take time and hopefully Indian racing can once again become national in nature unlike the closed door mediocrity encouraging situation it currently is in.  It’s about time the Turf Authorities sat down together and understood that overlap of fixtures equals to a waste of resources.  They must sit down and make a national fixture list where everyone is accomodated and the off course product is of benefit to all of them.  The waste is best illustrated by Hyderabad racing on the Saturday of Indian Derby week when RWITC anyway puts out a quality all sponsored product on the same day.

I as a breeder will always have a special place for Madras in my heart as Dashmesh’s first classic winner Grand Parade was trained by Tych Tyrell for Mr. AC Muthiah in Madras and he won the 1978 South India Derby; he was followed by many of our Dashmesh breds who have won the Blue Riband at Guindy, his full brother Aristocrat, Queen Of The Hills, Chaitanya Ratham, Astronomic and Maximillion all won the Derby.  Chaitanya Chakram too started his career in Madras but when racing was banned in Tamil Nadu he and his trainer, the all time great Jaggy Dhariwal became domiciles of Hyderabad.

So, all the best Madras Race Club may you prosper in the years to come.  My best wishes to your entire team in hosting a successful Invitation weekend.  It’s going to be nostalgic and exhilarating to walk into the gates of Guindy a place where my father and grandfather were regulars.  I hope to be back and be back often.  Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

The Derby Preview

So the first Sunday of February dawns upon us, its Indian Derby time. This year the race carries the moniker The Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby partnered by Signature, as Sunday sees Bombay come to the races dressed to kill, this year’s race is as open as they come with a high class lot of Four year olds lining up and most of them have every chance of pulling it off. So here goes my two bits, hope it helps you select a winner.

Costa Del Sol (Phoenix Tower-Shining Glory by Singspiel ) Trainer:P Shroff Jockey: James Doyle.

This colt gets into the race off a runner up finish in the 2000 Guineas after which he smashed the Mile and a Quarter track record giving weight to Bullrun, the Pune Derby winner. He runs in the colours of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in partnership with the Mistry family and has done little wrong in his career. As a juvenile he took out the Poonawalla Breeders Million, he’s been kept fresh with a winter campaign in mind. He ran a cracking race in the 2000 and was closing fast on Phoenix Tiger at the business end. Shroff had him out again soon after and he donkey licked Bullrun giving him weight, the timing was impressive too but keep in mind that the Mahalaxmi track has been running pretty fast this year. With young James Doyle to guide his fortunes he gets one of Europe’s top talents aboard.  I’d say its a given that he’ll get the trip on pedigree too even though he hasn’t run over a mile and a half yet.  His broodmare sire Singspiel has been a classy influence for stamina.

Desert God (Burden Of Proof-Running Flame by Steinbeck) Trainer: S. Padmanabhan Jockey: David Allan

The Calcutta Derby winner comes into the Derby with an ideal preparation and by far the best body of work behind him.  His trainer Padmanabhan has been India’s big race king for over two decades now.  Apart from training Desert God he also bred him, outside of a clunker in the Bangalore Colts’ on dead ground in a messy race this Chestnut has danced many a dance and always done so with praiseworthy efforts. He won the Calcutta 2000 Guineas and Derby this winter with a matter of fact ease just as was expected.  He was runner up in the Kingfisher Derby at Bangalore in the Summer behind Angel Dust.  Her win in the Bangalore Winter Derby just strengthens Desert God’s form lines, similarly he thrashed Golconda Derby winner King Charles to oblivion when they faced up in the Colts’ Trial during the Hyderabad Monsoon.  His victory in the Deccan Derby was very impressive too, a perfect monsoon campaign was blotted by a perfunctory riding effort by Suraj Narredu in the Mysore Derby where he was a fast closing Fourth.  He’s already proven his ability to stay the trip, his trainer has an enviable track record in big races and his jockey David Allan knows the colt extremely well.  The entire team has been camped in Bombay preparing their champ for the big day.  His dam Running Flame would have to be considered the best broodmare at stud in India, with Desert God being her third classic winner from her four foals in India aged four and above.  His half brother brother Borsalino (by Choisir) won the Bangalore Summer Derby, his full sister  Sur La Tete won the Golconda Oaks and elder full brother Torch Bearer is classic placed.

Phoenix Tiger (Phoenix Tower-Tigress Noire by Senure) Trainer: Dallas Todywalla Jockey: Colm O Donoghue.

You’ll see this fellow come into the paddock with the attitude of a prize fighter with his chest flexing.  He’s only lost when he’s been the victim of jockey error.  His first big scalp was the Bangalore Colts where his jockey Colm O Donoghue went to the front and rode our Indian talent to sleep in a front running masterclass, unfortunately in what was a messy race the colt got nicked on his hind tendon and his veteran trainer did well to back off and sort him out. He reappeared on Pune Derby day and won impressively.  In fact after seeing what was an abysmal Derby where the protagonists were gasping for the line 5 Furlongs out I was joking with Dallas that he may as well have run straight into the Derby that day.  He won his first winter target, the 2000 Guineas in workmanlike fashion over Costa Del Sol but blotted his copybook in the RR Ruia when going down to Colombiana as an odds on favourite but it would be fair to say that Colm misjudged things that day.  He didn’t quicken up as his rider would have expected too but in a twisted way that experience might have been good as he will learn to hold up.  The Indian Derby  is always run at a frenetic pace and he might benefit from sitting a wee bit off the pace.  Pedigree wise he’s an interesting one, his broodmare sire Senure ought to instill some stamina in him, further back he comes from a non Kentucky American pedigree.  The names one finds further back represent some top Florida based stallions like Al Hattab and Minnesota Mac.  Though Floridian pedigrees are considered a bit blue collar, the state has produced some absolute stars in American racing.

Myrtlewood (Multidimensional-Adamile by Razeen) Trainer: Pesi Shroff Jockey: PS Chouhan

When a filly hits form the way she has they usually become unstoppable.  After an impressive start to her career in Bombay, she went to Bangalore as the hype horse from the hype centre.  Things went awry and she never figured anywhere in an abysmal campaign.  Shroff put her off for the Monsoon and the results this winter have been stunning.  After an easy win in her leadup she showed an electric turn of foot to win the 1000 Guineas under wraps.  Any doubts of her staying the Derby distance were dispelled when she cut down a beleaguered opposition in the Indian Oaks.  To win here she will have to improve again of  a two week gap.  Shroff has a proven track record in getting his horses to rebound well off the Oaks.  The other problem here is the fillies have failed whenever they’ve faced the colts on an all India basis except for Angel Dust in the two Bangalore Derbies and in both those races, the runner up and third placer were colts.  All that aside, Myrtlewood has done nothing wrong and is in here with a solid shot.  As for her pedigree Razeen is her broodmare sire that’s all one needs to know.

While the above mentioned horses would be considered the main contenders, the field in this year’s Derby is very deep and there are plenty of others who run with a good chance.

Sea Lord (Admiralofthefleet – Loch Katrine by Selkirk) Trainer: Sulaiman Attaollahi Jockey: Trevor Patel.  A late maturing type, Sea Lord has been given plenty of time to grow into his large frame.  After running second on debut over 7 Furlongs, he won his maiden over the same trip next time out very impressively.  After this he was put away with a winter campaign in mind.  He took out a conditions event in Bangalore on his winter reappearance in impressive manner.  He next lined up in the Golconda 2000 Guineas, he went under to Golconda Derby winner King Charles by a neck, it was a funny race where everyone finished in a heap.  Chris Alford rode one of those brilliant races on King Charles, where in all honesty he schooled his younger contemporaries.  Sea Lord was immediately loaded up and headed to Bombay for the Ruia Cup, he ran a good third, looking like a horse who would benefit greatly from that experience. On raw form he needs to improve a couple of kgs to be in the mix.  His trainer and jockey are so hot right now that merely touching them could give you third degree burns.  Looking at him he looks like the mile and a half is right up his street but a lack of seasoning might cost him in a race where one is going to find plenty of subterfuge. URBB racing manager Zeyn Mirza is two for two when he’s worn a hat for a Derby so you can expect him to wear a nice Panama on the big day.  Sea Lord’s broodmare sire Selkirk has a good connection with the Derby having thrown Starsky as a sire and Velvet Rope as a broodmare sire.  His sire Admiralofthefleet was in my mind one of the best bred horses to land in India in recent times. He had a curtailed career as a stallion due to health issues because of a neurological disorder.  He was the moral victor in the race for leading first season sire last year as the winner Arazan had 72 starters to Admiralofthefleet’s 25.  Sea Lord belongs to a top class family that has had immense success at the top level in both America and England.  Further to that he is inbred 3X3 to top stallion Danzig through a son and a daughter.

Brilliant Cut (Burden Of Proof-Clear Cut by Tejano) trained by Irfan Ghatala, ridden by S John.  This fiery tempered and flashy chestnut comes into the Indian Derby as a final entry after a runner up finish in the Bangalore Derby behind Angel Dust.  Known to be a slightly temperamental sort this chestnut son of Burden Of Proof has been putting in very consistent performances during the monsoon and winter seasons.  He was a little bit unlucky not to win the Mysore 2000 Guineas, a great ride by Trevor on Bold Command and an inversely inferior effort by his jockey cost him dear.  Similarly in the Mysore Derby on very firm ground both Desert God and he sat too far back while the race developed in front, he was still beaten less than a length by Mogadishu.  The real deal was seen in the Bangalore 2000 Guineas when he came with a searing last to first run to win under wraps.  He went off as favourite in the Bangalore Derby but just when he was being hailed as the winner he was cut down in the shadow of the wire by Angel Dust.  He’s suspect for stamina and has a bit of a temper, one has to see how he handles the Derby day crowd and the wide open spaces of Mahalaxmi. Irfan and his team have worked very hard to calm him down and his last two efforts have been great. He deserves to take his chance and its good to see his connections’ faith in him.  He is suspect for stamina and is seen to best effect when he’s switched off in the rear, his siblings have been best at a mile and thereabouts.

There are others that will take their chances in the big race as well; the two Arazan colts, Bold Command (Arazan-Indian’s Feather by Indian Ridge) and Bold Appeal (Arazan-Bold Bird by Razeen) will show up with fair form behind them. The statistical leading freshman sire has been blown out of the water by his late contemporary Admiralofthefleet once the racing’s got amped up with Bold Command’s Fourth being his only showing in any classic run this winter but then again in racing anything is possible and redemption, however unlikely could always be just around the corner. The Karthik Ganapathy trained Bold Appeal was among those that laboured home in the Pune Derby among the front bunch his Bombay campaign has been less than stellar with poor efforts in the Morvi and 2000 Guineas.  He is a course and distance winner last time out in a Class two set in a poor timing, so he needs to improve quite a bit to be in the mix in the Derby, he looks a ploddy staying type and these sometimes go better over the extended mile and a half. Bold Command was the hype colt in Bangalore until he almost got beat by Brilliant Cut in what was supposed to be a cakewalk in the Mysore 2000. Ridden well up with the pace by Sandesh in the Mysore Derby on very firm (read unsafe) ground he just knuckled under to Mogadishu.  Since then it doesn’t look as if Bold Command has made the requisite step up and he was a well beaten Fourth in the Indian 2000 Guineas, he is entitled to improve on that effort though as it was his first run at Bombay.

Colombiana (Noverre-Wonder Smile by Lend A Hand) After a sub par 2000 Guineas rebounded to score in the RR Ruia Gold Cup under a positive ride from Yash Narredu where he went to the front and held off Phoenix Tiger. He’s been close to Desert God and Costa Del Sol before too so it would be prudent to keep him in the mix as he did win the Ruia a bona fide Derby lead up akin to the Dante Stakes in England. He will be ridden by top Irish jockey Pat Smullen as confirmed by the rider on twitter. His owner-mate Setaflame (China Visit-Set Aside by Steinbeck) a half brother to the celebrated Set Alight comes in of a decent effort in the Calcutta Derby where he ran a respectable third behind Desert God.  A final entrant, he ought to be a Derby winner but for quite possibly one of the worst rides of 2014-15 by Shailesh Shinde aboard him in the Calcutta Monsoon Derby. His trainer perennial Calcutta champion Vijay Singh has trained many a top horse at a national level though Setaflame does appear out of his depth here, Suraj Narredu takes the ride.  Arun Nanda will have a third representative in his silks as Ostwind (Holy Roman Emperor-Ertiyaad by Sakhee) His few seconds of fame came when he beat Phoenix Tiger at Bangalore albeit receiving weight and Phoenix Tiger getting a rank bad ride.  He ran poorly in the Ruia and on that run he’ll be making up the numbers.

The gutsy Pune Derby winner Bullrun (China Visit-You Are My Miracle by Razeen) will also take his chance in the Indian Derby but he was given weight and a sound thrashing by Costa Del Sol in his last start over a mile and a quarter. He was in deep distress after a grueling Pune Derby and I’m sure Cooji Katrak will have been quite easy on him since to freshen him up, so he is bound to improve quite a bit on his last run.  Jefferson (Ravel-Crystal Slipper by Burden Of Proof) ran a very decent Fourth in the RR Ruia Cup despite being off the racecourse for 5 months or so.  He’s a son from the first crop of the Fusaichi Pegasus horse Ravel who has had a fair start to his stud career.  He won the SA Poonawalla a major lead up for the Pune Derby but was sidelined since with a niggle.  His run in the Ruia was good and he will improve from that as he was bound to be ring rusty as a result of the layoff.  Dashrath Singh will take the ride on the Sunderji trainee.  Magnificence (Arazan-Burning Fire by Polish Precedent) is a horse who shows up in every big race, he runs respectably but isn’t good enough to match strides with the best though, he’s a notch below this level on all evidence.

Gestapo (Mastercraftsman-Dajolie by Auenadler) He was one of the talking horses of Western India and was impressive in his first two starts.  By Mastercraftsman a son of Danehill Dancer who has got off to a stunning start at stud, the unfortunately named Gestapo comes from a German family which would normally mean lots of stamina but his broodmare sire was a sprinter, further back there are plenty of stamina influences and he races like a horse that should stay.  Jim Crowley will most likely be aboard him but didn’t give him the best of rides in the Ruia where he finished off board though he was beaten only Four and a half lengths.  If he’d won that he’d go into the Derby as one of the prime contenders but he’ll have to find a lot on that run

Oaks Fourth placer Shivalik Heroine (Orpen-Ifni by Bering) is also in at the handicap stage but will find it tough to step up and improve that much in two weeks since her Oaks run. Shadowfax (Multidimensional-River Memories by China Visit) named after the grey horse from Lord Of The Rings was an impressive winner of his last start but he’s never looked Derby material then again I guess when owners pay through their nose in many cases for their horses they feel they should run the Derby, conventional wisdom says no chance but hope is a lot of what this sport is about.  Chris Alford who rides him might need to ride like Gandalf the Grey and wave a magic wand to win here.  Star Formation (China Visit – Prevalence by Razeen) has run well through the year with runner up finishes in the 1000 Guineas, Bangalore Fillies Trial and Golconda Oaks but she ran dead last in the Oaks, on that run one wouldn’t see her in the mix. Another final entrant is B Fifty Two (Phoenix Tower-Bailey’s On Line by Shareef Dancer), named after two pretty lethal things, the American Bomber Aircraft or a tasty shooter that’s not advisable to knock back post midnight at a bar or else the results can be disastrous. Jokes apart this colt looks a decent staying type though a bit short on class.  He comes from a dour staying family and its surprising his connections haven’t put him over a trip beyond a mile yet, since RWITC has a good programme for staying horses.  Airco and Lavender Blue are likely in the field to set pace if they run.

I’m not going to hazard a choice because I think its an open Derby and a strong case can be made for many of the runners that line up, I’m rooting though for the Bangalore boys because that is my home centre and sometimes its nice to see the hype machine simmer down a wee bit as this is the Indian Derby and not the Bombay Derby! The Derby has thrown up some serious surprises, lets face it nobody really thought Noble Eagle or Super Storm would win. One can make a calculated guess but in what is a very layered and multi faceted sport there are a number of unknown variables that could come into play such as stamina, luck of the race, preference of ground, pace, traffic etc. There’s a reason our sport is called racing and its all about opinions. So come one and come all and please bet on the tote because that bookie steals from racing!

Change…..and we must!

Its appalling to me as to how dumbed down Indian racing has become. People whose livelihood is dependent on the quality of the horse that is owned, trained or ridden by them, rarely research pedigrees or any of the data available to make a discerningly correct choice as regards what they ought to be buying and racing. I’ve been going on and on about how the glaring lack of long distance races is creating sub par trainers and jockeys, the same malady also creates some amazing statements from jockeys and trainers too such as, “Do you think this will STAY Seven Furlongs.” I doubt thats a question that should merit a straight answer, a hard “Jhaap” is the correct answer in my humble opinion.

As we host the Asian Racing Conference over the week, lets face it our industry has regressed in the past decade. RWITC finds itself in the mire of petty politics and an ill informed and antagonistic government. BTC holds on through a court judgement as the government there has been slicing off bits like a ham slicer just to finger them. Madras Race Club is showing glimmers of making a comeback after two decades of simply put, rampant cheating in favour of one owner. Hyderabad Race Club though professionally managed and run business-wise churns out a product that on most occasions mirrors a visit to one’s proctologist, dull and dreary. RCTC after many years of theft by officials and committees alike still came back to some of its past glories due to the efforts of their Chairman the Late Deepak Khaitan and his committee members who provide what must be termed as a yeoman service to the grand old club but what next?

Our breeding industry which once featured creative men trying hard with knowledge of nicks and pedigrees to produce good horses has more or less been hijacked by traders rather than breeders. Launching a new stallion is tough in today’s market as 90% of the clientele pre judge the horses they buy by the price they pay for them. Its nigh impossible for a horse like Dare To Dream to emerge at Bombay or Bangalore despite his pedigree being a very well thought out mating design conceived by Gautam Lala. Check it out:

Kudos to his owner and trainer who have campaigned this horse ambitiously and his body of work now even includes a Gr. 1 victory.

Finally lets come down to our officialdom, there was a time when there were men at the helm who knew how the sport ought to run. Today we’ve come to a level where questionable decisions are coming with a worrying regularity. Our industry is still pretty much where we were in 1970 as far as technological innovation and facilities go. I’ve said this often we have way too much racing and the product that we’ve been putting out is mediocre. The malady of low rated age group sprint racing championed by the Bangalore Turf Club handicapper has turned a multi faceted and fascinating industry into a dull and dreary casino game.  Furthermore our trainers play Russian roulette as we have impractical and antiquated medication rules.  These need to be looked at seriously as trainers have been testing positive via contamination.  Despite most of the time the quantities found being inconsequential, trainers must face harsh punishment, loss of income and worst of all a loss of reputation even though in many cases not having done anything wrong.

It’s an interesting time in our industry, Madras Race Club is showing signs of life again and we look forward to them hosting the Invitation Cup in March this year. Our racetrack in Punjab is within touching distance now and as a tote monopoly setup, it should show our industry the way forward. Since, all the seriously progressive nations in racing have no bookmakers operating.
As I sit here as a delegate here at the 36th Asian Racing Conference listening to the Turkish, Korean and Qatar industries talk about how they run things, one can’t help feel a mix of jealousy, anger and regret to see how stagnant things are in India by comparison. We have an old tradition of racing and breeding but the world is passing us by at an exponential rate. Change is the need of the hour and it needs to arrive fast.

Hey Chor!!! Yes you with the mobile phone!!!

An extremely common sight at RWITC is lots of people with mobiles on their ears asking,”Kya Bhav?” So what are these guys doing? Well the answer is simple, they’re betting with an illegal bookie. Yes they’re breaking the law while we look the other way for a fee; the mobile charge.
The tax regime for betting in Maharashtra has created a system that costs every citizen of the state money. While a smaller place like Bangalore Turf Club gives the state exchequer well in excess of ₹ 100 Crore annually, the Maharashtra State Government gets under ₹ 20 Crore from RWITC in betting taxes. In other words the myopic policy of the Maharashtra Government has caused a multi thousand Crore loss to the state over the years.
There is empirical data available worldwide and in India that a lower and sensible tax regime creates an exponentially higher turnover and as a result the government takes in a much higher revenue due to higher volumes of legally placed bets. Not only that, the bookmaker especially the illegal bookmaker has no skin in the game. The Turf Club on its part gets a percentage of the betting turnover to finance the entire process of the sport of horse racing. Out of their take, the club has to dole out stake money, pay their salaries, maintain their facility as well as pay for promotion and expansion. So everytime an illegal bet gets placed everybody loses including the idiot on the phone. Since, as a result of rampant illegal betting and a one way income flow in the favour of the bookie with little or no cost, the power of dosh leads these cretins to fix and manipulate things to suit themselves even more.
The Maharashtra Government on its part is letting every single citizen of their state get robbed. When cheating in alcohol excise takes place, hooch dealers find themselves in the clink when they get caught, policing of the same is strict too.  Money earned the right way by the government on tote betting could help finance a myriad of welfare schemes. The worldwide standard for takeouts from betting pools is somewhere in the region of 20% with the government and racing facility getting an even split. Here, RWITC is left with very little wriggle room as the government wallops 20% straight up. Totalizator pools are never static they either spiral upwards or as is the case with an asinine tax regime downwards. As the vicious cycle continues the sport dies, the Club can ill afford to pay better stakes as a result owners have a lower probability of return on investment from earnings. Trainers and jockeys get lower commissions trying to do things the right way and as a result must resort to gambling and the resultant malpractice that goes along with it therefore the rot runs right through.
Tote only monopolies are the modern way to run the sport of racing. The Brits left us a great sport but they also left us their 18th Century business strategy to run the sport, clubs like BTC and HRC were able to adapt but would do well to go the whole hog to ban bookies altogether. Unfortunately RWITC with their tax regime need the income that they get in stall fees from their on course bookmakers to keep afloat despite the fact that they cheat on revenue declaration right under their noses. The leading bookmaker by turnover for the whole season, yes the whole season from November to April declares a lower turnover than a single race run at Bangalore and we honour the guy with a prize at season’s end, guess he steals marginally less than the other curs in his business. How does one become a bookie? It’s simple, the club licenses you. You’d think you ought to have some proper way to license those who are handling such large sums of money, like stockbrokers are but here you get guys with with names like Xyzji and Abcbhai depending on which part of India one is in with no real qualification in money or gaming management.
It’s about time the Government of Maharashtra instead of having a negative attitude towards the sport understand that it’s a business that creates thousands of permanent jobs. Most of these jobs are for those who their broken state education system has let down, the labourer. Horse racing is a labour intensive sport, just see one of Pesi Shroff’s leading in pictures and see how many of his staff are in them. Each and everyone of those men have an integral role to play in the running of the stable; the jamadar, the riding boy, the farrier, the feedman, the syce, the faltoo, the assistant and so on. Most of them don’t have formal education but are vocational experts in their fields. Our sport was mandated as a game of skill by the Supreme Court in a landmark judgement in 1996 by The Hon. Justice Kuldip Singh. That puts us on par with cricket, hockey, football, kho kho etc. so understand that we are in a game where gambling is allowed and legally so. In other words screw you and your pseudo moralistic attitude that my sport must be looked down upon. I’m proud to be part of a great sport and yes my family is in politics and we find that we have nothing to hide as far as our involvement in the sport goes, in fact its an integral part of our identity in fact we wear it on our sleeves.

Its a no brainer Maharashtra Government follow Hong Kong’s example come up with a sensible betting tax rate and structure and use the money to repair your potholed roads, your broken education system, your dilapidated infrastructure, your overstretched local rail and bus network. We’re a green non polluting industry, the process provides lots of jobs, a lot more than your subsidised Cricket stadiums do and most of all its fun! Wake up and smell the fresh air around Mahalakshmi racecourse!

Next time you’re trying to save a few betting points by betting tax free with an illegal bookie just remember you’re bringing yourself down to the same level as a petty pick pocketing thief, you just stole from that jockey, that trainer, that owner and the club its as simple as that you thief!

Too Much!  Way too much!!

Our racing industry is facing a huge problem right now.  We have too much of everything, we breeders are breeding too many horses and unfortunately more often than not more bad horses than good.  Too many trainers have been licensed, too many substandard jockeys keep on plying their trade.  Our racing jurisdictions are framing too many races and as a result the entire level of our industry has fallen.

Unfortunately at the top level nothing has changed, we have regressed.  If one were to look at the trainers’ tally no new names can be found.  There are exceptions though and interestingly all the exceptions are trainers who got their grounding under top people over a period of time and thus got their licenses.  Two names that immediately spring to mind are Sulaiman Attaollahi and M Srinivas Reddy.  The former who is a third generation trainer initially had an interest in riding which manifested itself into an interest in racing, he worked at Nanoli Stud after which he joined Vijay Mallya’s URBB and assisted champion trainer the late Jaggy Dhariwal.  M Srinivas Reddy or Srinu as he is fondly known as on the other  hand has been assistant to Hyderabad’s leading trainer Vittal Deshmukh for a very long time.  Both have had breakthrough years in 2015 and since experience is key in the sport expect both these guys to get better and better over the years.

Unfortunately both these young men are exceptions and the majority of trainers licensed in the past five or so years aren’t exactly setting the Thames on fire.   As our stake money struggles to keep pace with inflation the earning potential in the sport is not quite up there to attract the quality of person that the sport attracted in the 70s, 80s and 90s who wanted to become trainers.  In those days it was a huge thing to hold a trainers’ license.  Not many know this but the late Madhav Mangalorkar ran away from home in Pune in trainer BP Shivan’s float.  Once Shivan told his parents that their son was safe and sound, Madhav started working for him and then went on to become an all time great trainer in the sport.

Unfortunately in recent years our sport has stopped being about excellence its all about mediocrity.  Nowadays you see a jockey punch the air when winning a B class 6 years old and over race.  Trainers getting excited about winning similar races and breeders send you whatsapp messages about winning some ruptuppy race in Mysore one wonders what the hell is going on?  So if you do indeed read my blog please understand that winning “A” race is no big deal and if you put some bookies out of business good for you, the rest of us couldn’t care less.  Yes be satisfied you won but honestly I don’t want to know about it.  When you win a big huge one, a graded race or a classic go nuts, break chairs, break bones, thump and puff your chest out since you’ve, “achieved” something and well done, we’re all impressed.  If you need lessons in celebratory aggression I’m available for coaching.

Too much of substandard racing has slowly eroded the general enthusiasm for the sport.  Substandard horses is what the authorities have catered to at the detriment of the upper Twenty Five percentile of the sport.  The difference in purse money awarded at the lowest levels needs to be cut and cut drastically.  Similarly stakes for the higher classes need to go up exponentially.  I know the majority of professionals would be against such a move but unfortunately you sir are only cutting your own feet or you aren’t capable of training good horses.  Interestingly every year towards the end of Hyderabad Winter season Vittal Deshmukh who performs admirably with his “quota” of horses finds that suddenly his lead starts diminishing because there are fewer races for his horses who find themselves in the higher categories for example a horse like Machiavellianism probably gets one opportunity to run every month.  On the flipside the category three and four stock get 8 opportunities to run every month.  I do understand that the so called low end stock holds up the pyramid but when it comes to purse money there ought to be an inverted pyramid.  This would create a situation where there is at least a temptation to excel and earn more in prize money.  

My pet hate has always been low end age group racing which has been propagated to insane levels by the Bangalore handicapper.  Its an odd one as I don’t think there is really a need for this.   There was a time when India produced a very small number of horses so clubs encouraged stock to race for longer since lets face it numbers make up our cards.  In recent times we’ve got an opposite situation whereby our racetracks are bursting at the seams as we have too many horses being produced in India.  We need to cull out our bottom end stock and encourage excellence, what say? Shouldn’t that be the idea in any performance sport? Do you want to see Virat Kohli kicking ass in his prime or would you prefer seeing Kapil Dev playing in a 50 years and over cricket tournament.  It’s about time that our Turf Authorities banned the framing of age group races, if a horse is capable of beating younger stock in open company, kudos and so be it thats how it works the world over.  A great example is Red Cadeaux who goes for yet another Melbourne Cup at the age of 10.

A reduction in fixtures is the need of the hour, most of our raceclubs lose money on the days that they conduct live racing.  Its never happened to me before because I’ve always been an absolute racing keeda all my life but nowadays I don’t even feel like checking the results in Mysore and Delhi the quality is for the lack of a better word SHIT!  A visit to the proctologist would be about as exciting as the racing being conducted at these centres, the occasional big race aside.  It’s about time our sport returned to the glory of excellence not linger on in the hum drum of mediocrity.

The Vanishing Art of training and other musings

Indian racing is at a very serious crossroads, there was a time when becoming a trainer was a very sought after profession.  Unfortunately our sport and incomes derived from it haven’t kept up with the times or with inflation.  The result has been that there is a general lowering of quality of the sort of person that wants to train horses.  Its about time we woke up and smelt the Coffee and rectify the situation or else this is something that is going to have major ramifications for the sport in the next couple of decades when many trainers who are currently in their prime are going to start retiring.

Racing should be structured in such a way that professionals involved with it are able to earn a fair living off’ve it without having to resort to underhand means.  The commission earned for winning stakes by a trainer in India is set at a very fair 10% unfortunately when a race is worth 200,000 the trainer’s cut is a measly 20,000, in today’s day and age unfortunately that is an abysmal sum of money in the horse business.  The low stakes on offer have a domino effect on the sport as to make ends meet trainers are forced to pull off gambles and similarly in some cases even lay their short priced favourites.  This has a detrimental effect on the overall perception of the sport.  To put things in perspective last year’s champion trainer in USA; Todd Pletcher cleared stakes of $22,476,736, now 10 Percent of that is a cool $2.24 Million, that amount compares very favourably with that of an American with a posh job, it would buy you a nice apartment in mid town Manhattan and a Maserati every year.  Our top man in India will clear about Six Crores in stakes, or a commish of ₹ 60 Lakhs, would that buy you an apartment in suburban Mumbai? In other words the lucrative American game attracts top end people like our sport did in the 80s and 90s, something that is not happening today.

Unfortunately as distance races get fewer in number and age group sprint events dominate our sport (thanks BTC Handicapper), the application required and the skill required to train a horse is not needed anymore either.  It takes a lot more effort and thought plus skill to train a stayer and the number of Indian trainers who have that ability are falling exponentially.  Furthermore a big part of being a trainer is the social aspect of dealing with their owners, a minimum level of education ought to be required but when many committee members at clubs lack the same, what do you expect?  Trainers must be in a position where they can make a fair living doing the right thing.   This would make them think twice before they think about doing something underhand as it would mean jeopardising a comfortable life for a one off gain.

Indian racing has descended from being a “sport”on which one gambled into a dirty gritty casino game.  Clubs haven’t quite kept up with the times and are decades behind the world when it comes to concepts and business organisation.  While money wagered on racing has moved from on track gambling to off track in the rest of the world, backward India still harbours the concept of packing in the crowds into their overstretched facilities.  A good example is South Africa which has 92% of wagering off course and only 8% on track.

The lack of clout with governments among the various committees at our clubs means that the government treats our sport worse than shit, (at least they have sewers to dispose shit!).  Not one club has a person at the helm who can understand properly how to run a very complex and layered sport and a business.  Neither does any club employ a proper professional to administer the business aspect of the game.  We are the only legal form of gambling on mainland India but with casinos legalized in Goa and Sikkim its just a matter of time before our mothball laden industry loses its incumbent advantage to the perceived coolness of casino gambling.  I’ve been to casinos and honestly they aren’t cool but the image that they create among mass media is.  Its not James Bond sitting on a Baccarat table with a vodka martini, “shaken not stirred.” Its more like fat old redneck woman blowing her welfare cheque on a slot machine swigging cheap flat beer out of a Dixie cup.  Racing on the other hand is indeed cool, go visit Saratoga, Royal Ascot, Longchamp and many other tracks and you’ll understand what I mean.  We are a sport which is supposed to be a lifestyle event but when clubs are more into cramming the janta into their gates into their inadequate facilities there is little thought for classiness.

It boggles my mind as to how the Maharashtra Government charges an insane 20% betting tax and drives all gambling underground to illegal bookies.  This causes a multi crore loss to their own exchequer and successive committees at RWITC aren’t able to make a convincing case to show them how the government will earn more money by simply having a sensible tax structure as prevails in most successful racing jurisdictions.  The empirical data is out there but then again a good Powerpoint presentation will have to be made and I doubt RWITC has a single employee in their admin department that can make one!

During Bangalore Derby weekend, Calcutta racehorse owner Joydeep Datta Gupta gave us some really good food for thought.  Think about this; on a Monday afternoon at the races who is your audience?  Well the answer is simple, its the jobless low end punter who has nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Yes siree we are catering to the dregs and plebs instead of quality people.  Our focus is almost extortionist where the Auto driver is our audience rather than our burgeoning middle class. I’ve been racing in many parts of the world and sadly our racing is by far the most banged up, the riff raff is uncomfortably close as seen by the riot at last year’s Invitation at Mahalaxmi.

I’d be amiss if I wouldn’t mention this year’s impending Invitation Cup weekend at Chennai.  Does the non existent organisation called the Madras Race Club made up of emasculated lackeys have the ability to host such an event?  Will the racing surface be safe for the poor horses? Last time around the sand flying around on ground like a road made it look like a scene from Lawrence of Arabia.  Why did they chicken out the last time around when they were to host it? Why is their racing still recognised? In the words of a senile nut-case crook I know very well down South, “GOODLUCKGOODLUCKGOODLUCK!”

….and then one day!

The Bangalore Summer Derby is in the books now, Angel Dust’s victory was a cathartic event of sorts for a person like me.  Its a validation of my methods, my beliefs and the various people I have around me.  We are all part of a fast moving sport where you lose more often than you win, you’ve got to learn to keep your balance and never carried away with winning and losing.  Most of us who are part of this wonderful industry of racing and breeding are sociopaths of sorts and honestly getting to understand us for normal people is difficult.  Things leading up to events such as this have a long history which unfortunately rarely gets covered by our so called journalist community in Indian racing so I just thought that since my blog has got a decent amount of eyeballs I’d give you an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

Lets start with the dam line of Angel Dust, our involvement with the family starts with the grandam Nafazaka, a daughter of Caro and the mare Najidiya.  Nafazaka was a good looking mare that came into India in foal to Ela Mana Mou and was imported by the late Sajjan Kumar Jajodia.  The get from that mating produced a decent filly Swiss Maid who went on to produce Stayers Cup winner Swiss Don (by Don Micheletto) from Nakul Stud.  Further Nafazaka’s dam Najidiya was imported by Poonawalla Stud and has produced many top runners for them notable among them being classic winners Salute Her and Forever Elegance.  Anyhow Nafazaka arrived at Dashmesh on terms during the days that we had Green Forest and early on she produced the good filly Surfside who won the Calcutta St Leger, unfortunately Surfside died traveling back to Bangalore.  Nafazaka produced a number of foals none of which were spectacular with the Local Talent colt Muscat Ranger probably the best of them, he won quite a few races at Hyderabad but nothing out of the ordinary.  Unfortunately for Nafazaka her career was severely damaged due to the fact that she visited our resident stallion Local Talent very often and I’d be the first to say that he was a truly bad sire, so bad that the damage he caused Dashmesh has lasted almost two decades.  This is a business where you need to make quick calls and the one thing you must never do is to give your resident stallion too long a rope.  Finally Nafazaka visited Elusive Pimpernel and the resulting foal was a lovely long legged filly with everything you’d want to see in a proper thoroughbred.  In fact whereas we’d usually sell Nafazaka’s get we took a call to lease this filly.

Zeyn Mirza had just taken over as racing manager at Vijay Mallya’s URBB and Pesi Shroff was young in his training career, they came to Dashmesh and selected two fillies both by Elusive Pimpernel and interestingly out of Caro mares one was the Nafazaka Filly and the other a daughter of Goulaine both were leased to URBB with a foal.  The Nafazaka filly was sent for training to Jaggy Dhariwal and she was named Angelique.  

Angelique was a victim of Bangalore handicapper Shivaprasad’s myopic sprint based racing system but yet was good enough to reach the highest class in a bit of a stop start kind of way with a few black type placings along the way. I remember Zeyn telling me that I should take her back for breeding as he felt she’d done enough.  I, on the other hand felt the filly had it in her to pick up a black type win as she had to carry no penalties.  She ended up in Pune during the Equine Influenza outbreak and by default had to stay on in Western India.  This was a fortuitous happening indeed as Angelique took the length of the Mahalaxmi straight under Imran Chisty to mow down the top filly Yana in the prestigious CN Wadia Gold Cup over a mile and a half, she had her big black type.  She finally went to stud with a rating of 119.  Her first mate was Princely Heir and to be honest the result was a runt.  A little goat of a filly which I ended up selling as a broodmare prospect to a fellow breeder, Zeyn had an option which he wisely chose not to exercise and wait another year.

This is where Win Legend comes in, our agent and advisor Patrick Barbe is very well versed in Japanese racing and breeding.  Patrick had been telling me for a long time that we need to get a son of Sunday Silence, we zoned in on the Wertheimer bred and American born Sunday Doubt, he had two classic winners with Practicallyperfect and Royal Blue Star in his only crop as he died of a twisted gut before the start of the next covering season.  We asked Patrick to find us a replacement and Win Legend was the answer, Japanese bred but with an easy to understand Brit pedigree.  A descendant of the Juddmonte Farms’ Blue-Hen mare Where You Lead, as such close up in the pedigree are some stellar names like Rainbow Quest and Warning.  The horse himself won a stakes race and raced exclusively at JRA tracks, his best showing came in the Centaur Stakes where he set the fractions for international speedballs like Takeover Target and Bentley Biscuit before caving in a Furlong out, he still wasn’t beaten that far.  

I knew we’d hit gold dust when his first runner Azienda zoomed out of the gate at Calcutta to win on debut by daylight.  In his first crop he produced a classic winner with Fly Like The Wind who won the Calcutta 1000 Guineas and St Leger.  In the Calcutta Oaks she gave subsequent Indian Oaks winner, Tiger Tops a mighty scare, running her close in a runners up effort.  He would have done even better if bad luck had not plagued Merion who got cast in his stable and broke his withers prior to the Golconda 2000, after he had won a valuable conditions event in his winter reappearance. 

So Angelique visited Win Legend and the result was a Filly that was a Carbon copy of her mother.  Zeyn liked her when he saw her and he exercised his option to take her.  His original plan was to send her to Calcutta which was prevented due to my intervention.  She ended up with URBB’s principal trainer at Bangalore, Sulaiman Attaollahi.  She was forward enough to make her debut over 6 Furlongs as a two year old in November itself. The trip was way too sharp for her liking but she had enough class to run third.  In her next start over 7 Furlongs she ran second behind the highly thought of Authoritarian with Eternal Flame back in third, once again she looked like she’d appreciate a step up in trip.  The Governor’s Trophy over a mile was her next port of call but there were only three acceptors and BTC and their handicapper in their wisdom decided to void a sweepstakes race.  As such she was put away for the season since there were no opportunities for a staying filly like her.

On her seasonal reappearance she won a 7 Furlong Maidens race with authority and headed for the Fillies’ Championship Stakes.  It rained heavily that week and the Fillies’ was run on dead ground.  She threw in an absolute clunker and was beat out of the gates.  Sulaiman and Zeyn were of the opinion that it was too bad to be true and that she get a chance to redeem herself.  Sulaiman is relatively young in the training ranks but has risen very fast most importantly due to his workaholic nature.  In the Four weeks between the Fillies and Derby he gave her a very easy Gallop in the 29th of June.  Ryan Marshall who usually rides her in the morning would come back after cantering her and say she’s really well and that the Derby would see a very different Angel Dust from the Fillies’.  

Usually when I have a big race runner I get butterflies in my tummy.  This time I was calm, they jumped out and Trevor pushed her out to get a great position at the first bend itself, from there the race went off like a dream, top of the straight she was asked and she lengthened and went for home.  Thats when all the adrenalin kicks in, thats when suddenly someone else takes over, the thrill of victory,  29 years since we won it, the infernal luck which cost us with Royal Liberator and Nine Carat all forgotten in a bit over 2 minutes. She was alone in front for 500 metres or so racing only against herself and she did taper off in the last 50 or so yards.  Desert God was blocked for a run at the top of the straight, many felt he was unlucky and might have toppled our applecart in a few more strides but then again, the starting gate is placed where it is placed and the finish post isn’t moving either. Its a 2000 metre race and at the end of it, Angel Dust won so QED!  Trevor’s ride was inch perfect,  Sulaiman had the courage to for all practical purposes come into the Derby off canters, a massive call for a trainer of his experience.  

This was an epochal moment in my life, I have my way of doing things many might not agree with a lot of my methods. I can read a pedigree, my old man taught me well, I know intrinsic value when I see it.  I’m old school, I’m a “Breeder” not a trader.  You bank a good memory like this and think about the future, one is always learning in this trade, its hard work but days like this make the toil worth it, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.  Something feels different though, can’t put one’s finger on it but something definitely is different!